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About InnovaSpa

When you buy an Urbania from InnovaSpa, you're not just buying a spa; you're also buying the full support of our European customer network. With our state-of-the-art facility located in Drummondville, Quebec, we are here to serve you now and far into the future.

InnovaSpa is a subsidiary of Lumi-O | Innovaplas inc, a North-American manufacturing leader and European supplier of swimming pool ladders, steps and lighting systems for over 30 years. InnovaSpa was created to continue, expand and improve on Lumi-O's pre-existing polyethylene spa program and to add design innovation to the spa industry.

Today, we're #1 because our quality, our smart engineering, and common sense features make the Urbania your best spa value.

Drummondville, QC
Canada, J2A 2G2