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Why is polyethylene now being used to make spas

Traditionally, spas were manufactured solely with acrylic shells. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of polyethylene to make spas. Why? Because polyethylene has many new benefits to offer.

Polyethylene is a reasonably priced and extremely durable plastic that is virtually indestructible. It won't chip or break. It is recognized for its strength and its ability to retain its shape. A spa made from polyethylene is one piece. Structurally, it is stronger than a traditional acrylic spa and other than a quick wash of surfaces with soap and water, there is virtually zero maintenance to polyethylene.

Polyethylene is classified as an "inert" material. That means you can't dissolve it and that it won't react with other chemicals, including those used to sanitize and maintain a spa. And because it will not hold bacteria, polyethylene is also one of only a few select plastics that the FDA has approved for use with food.

Polyethylene is waterproof and cannot get waterlogged. That's why polyethylene is so ideal for kayaks, canoes and spas. And because it is recognized as a heat insulator, it adds energy efficiency to many of the products that are made from it. And finally, polyethylene is light weight, which makes a polyethylene spa a truly portable spa.

Energy efficiency

The Urbania is insulated with rockwool for exceptional energy efficiency. Rockwool is waterproof, removable and reusable. If service is needed, access to the spa components is easy and servicing is much less expensive.

Equipment-wise, the Urbania comes equipped with the InnovaFlow Eco-Energy Saver system which means your spa heater will be much less solicited and will allow you to save money on electricity consumption.

Accessibility & Serviceability

Occasionally a spa nay need to be repaired. Recognizing the importance of being able to access all components, the Urbania is 100% accessible. The end doors are remobavle. The waterfall door is removable. There are 6 access holes underneath and the insulation is totally removable. Servicing is easy and much less expensive.


The Urbania is a truly portable spa. There are two support channels that are molded into the spa bottom. These channels provide structural support for the seats and they enable easy lifting with a fork lift. There are molded hand recesses just inside the fork lift channel openings and on each side of the spa in the under surface of the spa's top edge to make hand lifting much easier. The dry weight of an Urbania is only about 300 pounds and with the hand recesses, lifting and moving it is very easy. The Urbania will fit between the wheel wells of a full-sized pick up truck which makes it a true "Cash & Carry" spa.

Each spa comes with a two-page quick start-up guide to make start up a simple and pleasant experience. It also includes four decorative plates that screw onto the spa to hide the fork lift channels and to give a finished look after the spa has been set in place.

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